Morrissey calls fans to target Canada Goose

Canada Tour-Spring

Singer Morrissey embarks on a Canadian tour this spring (postponed) and he wrote a letter to Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss:

Morrissey’s letter to Reiss follows.

April 11, 2019

Dani Reiss, CEO

Canada Goose

Dear Mr. Reiss,

As I tour Canada this spring, I’m writing to urge Canada Goose to act more like its namesake (e.g., smart, brave, and willing to fly off in a new direction) by making the bold ethical choice to remove coyote fur and down feathers from its parkas.

Canada Goose has almost singlehandedly revived the cruel trapping industry, in which animals can suffer for days and try to gnaw off their ensnared limbs before the trapper eventually returns to bludgeon them to death. No hood adornment is worth that. And geese are confined to cramped cages and trucked hundreds of miles to slaughter in all weather conditions before they’re hung upside down and their throats are slit—often while they’re still conscious—so that their feathers can be stuffed into (and poke out of) jackets.

That strip of coyote fur isn’t keeping anyone warm, and there are plenty of superior insulators composed of everything from biodegradable fleece to coconut husks. That’s why other outerwear makers, including For All Kind, Save the Duck, and HoodLamb, have already dispensed with fur and down for their products.

I’d be the first to celebrate a cruelty-free Canada Goose coat by wearing one proudly. Until then, PETA and I will be collecting signatures during my Canadian tour calling for Canada Goose to stop killing animals for coats.

Yours sincerely,


PETA will join the singer on the road to collect petition signatures from fans under a large banner featuring a howling coyote and the words “We’re With Morrissey: Canada Goose, Ditch the Fur and Feathers.” The petition will be delivered to Reiss at the end of the tour.

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