Birth 2012 and Beyond

Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution

The book of Barbara Marx Hubbard which was published in 2012 enlightens today’s world which seems confusing and in chaos to most of us. The writer’s point of view offers humans an overall and peaceful interpretation of what happens in our Planet.

Hubbard’s amazing book explains how the planet’s crises are the birth pangs of a new Earth, and she describes these pangs as an unavoidable process of a planetary shift. Although some interpret our Planet’s crises as “apocalypse” or “end of the world”, Hubbard believes that all signs show that we are giving birth to a “planetary co-creative culture”.

Hope, inspiration, strength, faith and science… Hubbard makes you feel one step closer to peace.

Barbara Marx Hubbard (1929-2019) is the writer of several books below and the founder of the Institute for Conscious Evolution and co-founder of Global New Thought.