Duygu’s Peace Journal-Day 3


I always preferred swing to seesaw. Swinging alone and singing for hours, until my body hurts…

I have almost never been in a seesaw since it has always stressed me out to be on it with strangers.

Following my feelings up and down lately, and I feel much more curious about how it would feel to be in a seesaw.

During the day, I witness all kinds of human tragedy due to my job, yet my home is a perfect place to surrender myself to the peace. Almost empty.

Yesterday after work, I was laying down looking to the white ceiling, and my elder cat Ekiki enjoyed very much to join me..

First, we played, and later we purred together in peace…

Doesn’t it how high and downs of seesaw feel? Does it?

Tragedy in the day, peace at night? First play and enjoy, then rest and purr?

I have no idea how it feels being on a seesaw. I am curious. Am I close? Help me.

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Author: peacegoodnews.com