Duygu’s Peace Journal-Day 4


Whatever and whoever you read shows who/what you care.

It might be books, news, or just any text message.

Caring is caring about ideas, interests and feelings of someone. If you want to know about who cares about you or who and what you care for, observe who you listen to, reply and read.

Do you listen to yourself? Your feelings? Your ideas? desires? fantasies? dreams?

Do you read and reread your past, present and future? Do you listen to your silence?

As much as I care about myself, I listen to and read myself more and more…and vice versa.

All people who read my writings, they care about me. I know that.

I also care about you if I read you. You, your writings, art, texts, voice, gestures, attitudes…

Since my childhood, libraries are my home. Silence, opening door to yourself and to the world. Intellectual heaven. Best of humans. My peaceful home where I thrive safely.

Yesterday, I had my card from the public library at the corner. Every time I move somewhere (I moved to several places), I always receive the public library card as the first thing to do. Best bookstores and the public library are 5 min of walk to my place.

Here are some treasures of yesterday’s discovery, and you will see, Ekiki is always big part of my peace:

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