Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 6


Humans have spectrums of feelings, robots don’t.

Being human is a very special experience on this Planet because of the ability to experience these feelings, all of them. Feeling makes us unique, each of us. Feelings take the form of our being, and they are tools to anchor what we creative to this Planet.

We create by feeling. No feeling, no creation. No creation is death.

In a time when they try to turn us into robots, poetry is our savior.

Poetry is a sign which shows that we are still humans, with feelings and flesh. Poetry shows that we still cry, laugh, react and rebel, and we are still able to experience all spectrums of feelings which bring us to a constant creation mode : our divinity.

A human not connected to his/her divinity would be far from peace. Peace is alignment to our true nature, being, soul, true self: our creator divinity.

Divine is creation. Humans have the abilility to create ideas, feelings, art, life…

Yesterday night and this morning, I could not stop reading this delightful poetry anthology book about the impermanence, mindfulness, and joy.

Photo: Duygu Ozmekik. All rights reserved@2022

While connecting to my own feelings, comfortable and uncomfortable ones, these poems join me with endless empathy of humans from all ages.

Since I am into feelings and their nature, I refer to an another book that I have discovered 5 years ago, and kept religiously in my bookcase : “Shaman within, Alchemy of emotions” by Nil Gün. The book is in Turkish, my native language and it was a perfect friend while sipping my morning coffee in my favorite vegan coffeehouse at the corner.

Photo: Duygu Ozmekik. All rights reserved@2022

After the coffee, I went to the Farmer’s Market, I bought my fresh organic biologic local greens, and among the vitality of greens, I am attracted to this vibrant crystal… I went next to it almost hypnotized, I bought it and brought home with me. It joined to my crystal family, perfectly.

Photo: Duygu Ozmekik. All rights reserved@2022

I realized that it was a Blue Calcite, balancing the throat chakra by improving self-expression. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so. It is alignment.

What a celebration and blessing to experience humanhood when we allow ourselves to feel!

Author: peacegoodnews.com