Some values are crucial for creating peace within us.

One of them is authenticity.

What is authentic and how the daily practice of authenticity brings us peace?

Dictionary definition of authenticity according to Cambridge Dictionary:

“The quality of being real and true”

Our modern life struggle is false information, brainwashing, manipulative lies and all narcissists and controlling psychopaths (clinically speaking) who play these games against us for their interests.

If you think what I am telling you is an exaggeration, you need to develop critical thinking in case you are a peace seeker. Peace does not find you, or “happens” with your prayers. You connect peace within and thrive.

Some personality disorders and people with these disorders work against your peace.

Very common one of them is narcissism.

Dr. Ramani is an amazing licenced clinical psychologist who is specialized in this disorder. She has tons of videos available in the internet. Please reach them for further information.

Here one of her videos which studies the connection of narcissism and authenticity. I choose this one to share concerning this subject because it clarifies perfectly how authenticity is an antidote of chaos and suffering caused by narcissists and individuals with similar destructive personality disorders.

Authenticity is a must for creating peace on Planet Earth. Authenticity reveals lies and masks, it makes uncomfortable individuals with destructive intensions, it forces them to quit their acts, to be healed, and it offers a fecund space for peace and thriving.

Today, try less fit in into fakeness, and focus on more telling your truth whatever the consequences are. You will experience the magic.

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