Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 10


Eating is celebrating life. Your life, and life around us.

That’s why being vegan is not a diet.

Preparing food is a game which I take it seriously.

I prepare my food like the way I live my life; gathering things I love and enjoy around me, mixing them, putting them together, doing collages with them, creating new things, studying things which works together, and trying different combinations…

Recipes inspire me, but I am not able to follow them until the end. They are boring.

Each meal is a game, joy and creation. That’s why I stay hungry for hours in busy days sometimes, so that I can find the time to create my meal.

I also like to eat with my handS sometimes, touch my food and feel the texture of it.

Food is a joy and the reflexion of our values, and beliefs.

Today, I created this vegan yummy food with ingredients that I love to eat and had in my fridge.

All ingredients are organic and biologic from the weekly Farmer’s Market at the corner.

I name it: “Happy Tummy Bunny”

Photo: Duygu Ozmekik. All rights reserved @2022


1 big yellow pepper

1 big yummy carrot (steamed)

1 slice of vegan cheese

Fresh lemon juice


-Basmati rice

-Soy meat





You can also add pickles to this plate, and some rockets, or any fresh green.

I have been working since very early in the morning, so I emptied all content of the fridge. (My home office is next to the kitchen. Perfect arrangement!)

Tomorrow, I can not wait to go for buying my weekly organic bio fresh food from the Farmer’s Market.

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