Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 11


Since I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, I have almost no stress in my life.

Normally, moving is known as a stress generator, also big changes in life. Not in my case.

I initiate changes and challenges in my life since they bring me happiness, joy, creation, thriving and peace. Adventure.

Changing energies, environments, upside downs excite me, wake me up and aligns me with myself; peace…

Moving energies give amazing space to grow in joy.

Today, I committed my day to watch Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Rewired Series in Gaia about human brain. 13 episodes.


Since my childhood, I am very much interested in the human brain. I have read a lot of books and watched documentaries about it. Once, when I was a teenager, I remember spending all my Christmas holiday in my room, reading books that I could find in the public library about the human brain; biology, religions, and different approaches…

While I re-listen to Dr. Dispenza’s episodes, my hands are busy too. Here, it is art in progress… I don’t think this is the final stage, but I like the most sharing their making process…

Photo: Duygu Ozmekik. All rights reserved@2022

If you choose thriving mode, the first step is reducing the level of stress in your life, in your focus, but also your body.

And enjoying your divine being…

We are all Creators. Creator, divine beings.

My answer to this recent craziness in the world has always been; “I choose thriving, thanks”.

Thriving is the sign of peace.


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