Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 12


It is a snowy day in Edmonton, Alberta.

Photo: Duygu Ozmekik. All rights reserved@2022

Not cold, yet it does not smell like spring, either.

Today, I bought store-cupboard food with my discount coupons:



I have tons of daily events to share with you, however, they are so many, only art would help me.

I meet a lot of sick people, recently (not in person, fortunately). It was expected after deadly experimental injections, yet this is still very sad to deal with. People make choices, and they live with its consequences.

I also meet amazing people, daily. All my friends from all around the world… We are connected by our choices out of our integrity. They are beautiful, brave, free, and old souls… They are just fantastic! They teach me so much, hold my hands and hug me so tight…

We are all connected. More than ever.


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