Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 15


Since I have moved to Edmonton, Alberta, my work volume tripled. No exaggeration here. It just happened in one month and a half.

I have done absolutely nothing for this to happen, except this is one of the consequences of my inner work.

I work full force for my job. I am highly demanded, liked to be worked with, and appreciated. I love working with people, for people. Almost everyday, my colleagues from several institutions tell me that they have pleasure working with me, and my work is “impeccable”. Some days, I am burned out, yet I also learn to balance my life with abundance which I allowed to show up in my life, two years ago. Usually, it goes very well as long as I follow my intuition, and I say “no” where I need to stop.

The most abundant period of my life at every level; love, peace, physical health, self-esteem, friendship (I have met the most amazing humans with values and integrity, I did not know that they existed!), clear mind, financial… the most and the best of everything. Not in my highest potentials, yet closer than ever.

I am not so much surprised. I always knew that when humans follow their true self without trying to control their environment, without intervening to Universe’s job, they thrive. Our true self never deludes us, Ego does.

This is something that I always knew within me, yet I had so much to let go from the past….mostly fears. A lot of fears. Learned, imposed, and transfered fears. Religiously kept in most hidden corridors of my inner garden. I have not been aware of most of them until I slowered my rhythm of life (restrictions helped), and offering myself some space to express.

I used these two years of chaos for my shadow work which I used to postpone, always, in the past. I used to follow my ego satisfactions most of the time, subconsciously, and finding reasonable excuses; it was easier than working on my traumas. Two years ago, I made a decision to work full-time on myself, and I also wrote two articles about it to inspire other people;

These articles dated 2 years ago, and since, daily full-time shadow work has changed my life forever.

I also know that it is the beginning. I am a newborn.

Imagine all of us choosing true self… every moment. Just imagine…


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