Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 16

IT IS TIME TO PLAY NOW AND FOREVERLetter to inner child, to me

Dear little one,

You are safe.

You are with me. You don’t depend on no one, nothing.

You are free.

Your happiness, protection and joy is unnegotiable. You can let go people whom you trusted and betrayed you. All you loved in them, it is within you.

You can leave or land on anywhere, anytime.

Nobody and no force can shackle, abuse, afraid, hurt, shame, embarrass, use or neglect you.

Nothing can stop you.

You are with me, and you know how reliable I am, yet you are.

You know how I love when I do, yet you do.

You are with me, I am you.

I grow up to the woman you want to be, I grow up to the mother you wish to have, I grow up to everyone and everything you want to join in. I do everything for you, little one, for me.

It is time to play now.

It is time to discover, play and create every dream you have…

I adore your laugh, your curiosity, calmness and observation skills.

I adore how you are sweet, sharp, and creative.

I adore how you love. Honest, and genuine. I adore how you believe. Critical, and with compassion.

The Universe is our playground.

Let’s discover, play and create.

You are safe.

You are with me, I am you.

Let’s laugh. Let’s feel everything.

We are free.


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