CEO and owner of a power washing company #ErasingHate is the first movement of its kind that targets, locates and eliminates Hate Speech graffiti anywhere in the world… Free Of Charge!!!

Join the fight against Hate!

You can now be personally responsible for Erasing Hate, all over the world! All Profits from #ErasingHate Apparel goes back into making our society free of Hate Speech, Hate Crimes and Discrimination.

Our mission: Erasing Hate is the first movement of its kind that Targets, Locates and Eliminates HateSpeech / HateCrime graffiti anywhere in the world… FREE OF CHARGE! In the last year alone we have erased thousands and with your help, we will continue to put an end to the cycle of hate. Join the Movement and inspire a generation to believe in their ability to make a positive impact.

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