Our actions are the reflection of our values.
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Our actions are the reflections of our values. Acting by our true self is integrity. If we don’t act following our true self, we act by Ego; we are not aligned with peace. Thus, acting by the Ego (false-self) and expecting peace is delusional. What are your values? Do your actions follow your values? Signs of integrity. How you defend integrity for peace? Praying for peace does not bring peace, unless your actions follow your values.

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Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 11

THRIVING AND PEACE-Since my childhood, I am very much interested in the human brain. I have read a lot of books and watched documentaries about it. Once, when I was a teenager, I remember spending all my Christmas holiday in my room, reading books that I could find in the public library about the human brain; biology, religions, and different approaches… While I re-listen to Dr. Dispenza’s episodes, my hands are busy too. Here, it is art in progress… I don’t think this is the final stage, but I like the most sharing their making process…

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Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 8

Honestly, I am somewhere in my life where I have never been… unknown, yet feeling totally safe, and I know 100% what I am doing even though I do something for the first time. Tired like a victorious warrior after the most cruel war in human history, yet so relaxed… all anxiety is gone. Excited like a young butterfly who tries it wings for the first time, yet it knows exactly how doing it… self-esteem is restored.