Duygu’s Peace Journal- Day 14


I just have seen some photos of a poetry launch of a well-known poetry publishing house where all poets were in muzzle. This weird event happened in Montréal, Québec, Canada. So-called poets did readings of their poems… in muzzle. Very disturbing.

Is this Art? Is this poetry?

Definitely not. This is fakeness, and it hurts.

I am so glad that I don’t have to be in that environment anymore.

Fakeness hurts.

At home, I put a “Tree of life” incense, laid down next to my purring peaceful baby girl Ekiki, and allowed myself to heal by reading real poetry, art… which comes from the soul and plays the tunes of freedom, and eternity.

For the Changing Moon-Poems and songs-Anna Marie Sewell

“At a time of cultural change for Indigenous people that feels relentlessly tidal and epochal, For the Changing Moon: Poems and Songs records the ebb and flow of what it is to live here and now in Canada, as a woman, an indigenous woman, a culturally mixed woman, a daughter, a mother, a peace-seeker and a warrior.

The book includes work visually designed for the page, and work composed to be chanted, sung, and spoken amongst ourselves. We are asked to experience it as a record of the shifting times, and understand how the mood of the world can strike change in an individual, sometimes, like a rogue wave; and other times, slowly and methodically like a lunar tidal pull.”

Also, I borrowed these two “off the grid” books from the public library, and I have already started reading them for preparing myself to my off the grid life this summer in my land. Exciting!

Photo: Duygu Ozmekik. All rights reserved @2022

A busy weekend of reading, cooking, working, strolling, discovering and dreaming ahead!

Far from fakeness, connected to the delight of art…

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